about 852prints

Hello and welcome to 852prints! If you love the quirky cultural nuances that make up Hong Kong, you've come to the right place. 

Founded by Krystal Tolani, 852prints was built out of her renewed appreciation for Hong Kong after moving back to the city in 2017, as well as her love for doodling and (sometimes) good puns.

As someone who gets excited about biodegradable packaging, bees, and metal straws, it was important that 852prints would make the smallest impact to the environment. 

This means we opt for eco-conscious suppliers (where possible), create less waste by producing in limited runs, and only use natural fibers for our apparel (0% polyester/acrylic, thanks!)

Get in touch using our contact form or email us at hello@852prints.com 

Interested in a custom print/embroidery, or wholesaling? Let us know!