Socially Distant Date Ideas

Just because there are tighter restrictions, it doesn’t mean that Valentine’s Day is cancelled… it just looks a little different this year! Struggling to make last minute plans and reservations? The answer is actually right under your roof. We’ve got a few ideas that are not only COVID-friendly, but won’t even require you to leave the home! 

Indoor picnic 

Have a picnic in the comfort of your own living room floor - kick off the shoes, bring out the picnic blanket, unpack your basket full of favourite snacks and booze, and play some tunes. Oops! Forgot your fork? No worries, you’re just 10 steps away! Talk about convenience, and an uninterrupted good time. 

Cook or bake-off  

Roll up your sleeves and tie back long hair. Twist the dial and turn up the heat (or preheat the oven) in the kitchen with a cook-off or bake-off! If you’re making a veggie dish though… be sure to stop by the local wet market ASAP while they’re still there! Extra points for the prettiest presentation (girls, you know what to do). And hey, if you aren't too familiar with your kitchen, Black Sheep Restaurants have pre-packaged date nights for two, if you're so inclined.

Indoor scavenger hunt 

Why wait until Easter to go on a scavenger hunt when you can scavenge for chocolates this Valentine’s Day? Besides, (Conspiracy) Chocolate and Valentine’s Day go better together anyways, am I right? So hide your heart-shaped sweets, and cute message or memento treats around the house for your Valentines, or galentines’, to find! 

Drink and draw 

Grab some supplies from CN Square and Kwong Yick Art & Design Materials, and you can literally “draw me like one of your french girls”. Or for the less adventurous, you can challenge each other to draw unusual things (think pictionary with a twist), or paint and pass the canvas to your partner every 15 minutes to continue the piece. All while sipping on some lovely grape juice. 

DIY Spa day 

Why pay hundreds and thousands of dollars for a spa day, when your partner can give you one for free? Here’s what you do: grab some face rollers from the jade market, brew some tea from Sum Tea, turn off the lights and burn Night Light from WOODCO for a dreamy and mystical sensation, and relax. 

Virtual wine or beer tasting 

Whether you actually want to learn more about wine or beer, or just want to get completely hammered, a virtual wine (for you classy people) or beer (for the lads) tasting can help achieve either (or both). Why not sample some local brews from Young Master, Black Kite, Craftissimo…  (I can sense the smiles and nodding heads from the lads already). Best part is you can just pass out on the couch! 

Movie night in

Coming to cinemas VERY near you: best seats in the house, no other people loudly talking during the movie, AND all the snacks you want! Step up your experience by getting into some comfy pjs (or if you want to be extra cute, pick up comfy matching tops from 852prints); set up a blanket fort with pillows, and hang up fairy lights for the magical Disney fairytale ending we all hope and dream for! 

By: Constance Lowcock

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, Constance wishes to rediscover her home in a different light; by being immersed in the local happenings, exploring and experiencing new things and places, and expressing them through creative channels such as in her writing and art.