#ShopLocal Self-Care Gift Guide: 6 Hong Kong Brands You Shouldn't Miss

As we enter the hectic holiday season with events and gatherings start to pick up, it is even more important to take time for ourselves and tune into our needs. After all, we show up better for the people around us when we’re recharged and rested!

With that being said, listed below are six local Hong Kong small businesses that are sure to cover your self-care needs, ranging from candles and chocolate to crafts and candy. Whether just for you, a family member, or a friend, they are sure to have you covered. 

PS. These also make excellent gifts for loved ones in quarantine!

1. Stitch Sister

Want to try embroidery but don't know where to start? Stitch Sister has you covered.

Focusing on slowing down with the craft of sewing, the eco-friendly, conscious-consumption business sells beautiful DIY sewing kits containing all the materials needed to make a beautiful handmade product. From hoops to tote bags that you can make individually, they also offer private events or workshops. Visit their website here.

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 2. Sum Tea

A self-care guide wouldn’t be complete without tea! Sum Tea strives to include diversity, creating sumthing for everyone. Their mission is to create feel-good artisan tea that evokes joy and wonder. All their ingredients are natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and USDA certified organic. With beautiful, 100% paper-based packaging, they are extremely committed to sustainability. Shop their line here for everything from green tea to black tea.

We also had the privilege of working on Sum Tea's packaging for Amalfi Days and So Kyoto, seen above!

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3. Conspiracy Chocolate

A must have for any self-care session. Handcrafted in Hong Kong, Conspiracy Chocolate takes bean to bar through a careful, intricate craft.

They make their chocolate in high-quality small batches, bringing dedication and care into every single one of their creations. With no additives or nonsense ingredients, their chocolate bars are healthy, highly nutrient-dense, and a great source of plant protein. From the classic dark milk chocolate to extravagant flavours such as dark cardamom and raspberry timut, there is something for everyone’s sweet tooth. Shop their flavours here.

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With its minimalist eye for design, WOODCO is the place for handcrafted candles. They are a homegrown business adding their own spin on nostalgic scents. From “fresh sheets” to “safflower” the mother and daughter duo have created scents that will bring ease and calm into the home. They also offer candle refills through their program, “The Refillery”, where you can repurpose your empty candle jars by choosing any one of their aromatic scents. Shop their website here.

We also had the privilege of working with them on their latest fall collection. (We've told Natalie on multiple occasions that her candles could be sold as perfumes too – they're that good.) 

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5. Good Days

Need activewear for a self-care sweat session? Shop the GoodDays line! The Hong Kong based brand approaches sustainability through every angle, finding ways to repurpose waste. They pay close attention to fabric, manufacturing and packaging, making sure sustainability is optimized throughout the journey of creation.

The brand has a wide range of minimalist styles ranging in many different colors, from charcoal to peach. Tank top or legging, the choice is yours. With the ability to mix and match, these pieces are sure to enhance your workout performance whether it be yoga or HIIT. The brand also sells The “GuppyFriend” Microplastic Filter Washing bag to wash your workout clothes in. Washing synthetic fabric materials in this bag ensures that any loose fibers are gathered, preventing them from making their way into our water systems. 

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6. Lean Sweets

A guilt-free gummy? With only 3.1g of sugar in the whole bag, no added sugars, and free from sugar alcohols, LeanSweets, a Hong Kong based company creates a new kind of candy. Just launched in September 2021, their two flavours, muscat grape and Kyoho grape have 90% less sugar than any other grape gummy on the market. Additionally, the gummy contains prebiotics, plant fibres that feed the good bacteria in the digestive tract that support their mission of educating the public about the importance of gut health. A perfect sweet treat for a day of self-care. Shop their flavours here.

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By Vivian Fong

Vivian is currently a university student in her last year studying holistic health and wellness. Besides her passions in yoga, nutrition and all things health and wellness related, she loves social media, blogging and writing because of the creativity, inspiration and connection it brings.