Christmas Gift Guide: For Hong Kong Explorers

To all the Hongkongers who need that one “tell me you love HK, without telling me you love HK” item, 852prints has come up with THE Christmas gift guide for you! From foodie experiences, to art, to nature appreciation, to saving the planet… these gift ideas will have your friends saying wahhh, so jeng!

Image credit: Humid with a Chance of Fishballs

Humid with a Chance of Fishballs

Having lived in Hong Kong for over 20 years, even I can say that there is still so much of Hong Kong I have yet to visit, or eat! Food tour company Humid with a Chance of Fishballs will take you through the hidden streets and alleys of Hong Kong to discover unique treats that your taste buds never even knew existed. Don’t be fooled, this tour is NOT just for the tourists, but for us locals to find new delicacies, and make new experiences! 

Rupert & Bird

Whether it’s hiking, camping, diving, surfing, beaching, or going to the gym, Rupert & Bird have created a range of eco-conscious, quick-dry towels made from recycled plastic bottles (22 to be exact, that were hauled from the ocean or landfill) that you can bring with you anywhere. Not only do these towels make a difference in your backpack with its lightweight, compact functionality, this gift makes a difference by reducing the amount of garbage in our oceans! A double win for the nature lovers out there!  

HK Trail Map

While we say Hong Kong is a concrete jungle, we forget that it is a roller coaster of hiking trails too. Calling all hikers! HK Trail Map serves up a fun and beautiful way to keep track of those hikes you’ve conquered and the ones left on your to-do list! And of course a fan favourite gift, the enamel pins to tell the world which big feat you have accomplished! 

Sunset Survivors

A book that celebrates the stories and experiences of Hong Kong’s traditional tradesmen and women from fortune telling to face threading: Sunset Survivors captures stunning images, and interviews of the hidden faces behind the blood, sweat and tears of Hong Kong, to preserve the memories, and honour the foundation to Hong Kong’s cultural identity. It is more than just an addition to the coffee-table, but a tribute to the city’s growth and transformation. 

Kitty N Wong

From doing portraits of tourists at Star Ferry 10 years ago to being commissioned by the likes of Aerie, Tiffany & Co, and Apple – Kitty Wong has done it all. Her nostalgia-driven illustrations of Hong Kong constantly unlock memories we forgot we had – and who doesn’t love that! 


Bad hair day or accessory, you can rep an 852prints hat looking swag, and not looking like a total tourist. Embroidered locally, we aim to support local businesses because if we’re completely honest… it’s too ma fan to get it done anywhere else! With designs all Hongkongers will recognise (and love), it is the perfect gift to wear out for any outside occasion.

By Constance Lowcock

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, Constance wishes to rediscover her home in a different light; by being immersed in the local happenings, exploring and experiencing new things and places, and expressing them through creative channels such as in her writing and art.