Christmas Gift Guide: For Parents

When saying an eternal amount of thank yous just isn’t enough for everything our parents do for us, what better way to show them our gratitude than by gifting them something special this Christmas? These gifts we have in mind for parents are gifts they just cannot refuse! 

Beyond Sleep

Can you imagine all the lost sleep our parents can never get back raising little critters like us? At Beyond Sleep, sleep is sustainable, responsible and of course, comfortable! Their beddings and pillows are made with horsehair, cloud-like layers that diffuse pressure and regulate temperature, and breathable material to change the way you sleep! All the lost sleep won’t mattress anymore once you gift them back their beauty sleep from Beyond Sleep! 

The Broke Potter

A handfelt, heartfelt gift for parents - but instead of the arts and crafts we once made as kids that didn’t quite look like anything except a mess, but our parents kept anyways because we made it, this gift is handmade with TLC, and made to be used! If you’re less into making ceramics yourself, no worries! Resident broke potter Dan Wu will sort you out! 

Upcycled by Michal

“One person’s trash is another one’s treasure”. By reviving, reusing and recreating old items into repurposed, usable products, Michal aims to bring back meaning to items lost in storage, or abandoned by adding value to it, and encourages eco-friendly and unique products to be created! 


A small gift can go the extra mile - especially when Sqwishful turns everyday, ordinary kitchen and home essentials into plastic-free, zero waste products that are better for you, and the earth. From sponges to dish brushes, these stocking stuffers make for a great gift to save the kitchen, and save the world! 

Savour Cinema 

Treat your parents to the perfect wine and dine experience with Savour Cinema! Paired with classic films and mouth-watering foods, you can book a private experience for your parents to have their perfect Christmas date night! 

Milk it Baby

For parents to be, Milk it Baby is your one stop shop for non-toxic, eco-friendly, and beautifully designed bibs, bowls, and mats. We love that it's a family run business with roots in Hong Kong (how cute is that playmat!) 


If a simple thank you is enough, why not put that thank you into writing with greeting cards from 852prints? With Christmas 852-themed cards ranging from nostalgic to cheeky, these cards are a great choy to the world, and a great gift for the parents out there whose love language is words of affirmation (and love a good pun!)

By Constance Lowcock

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, Constance wishes to rediscover her home in a different light; by being immersed in the local happenings, exploring and experiencing new things and places, and expressing them through creative channels such as in her writing and art.