Christmas Gift Guide: For Him

Trying to find inspiration for Christmas gifts this year? Look no further. We compiled a list of gifts for the men in your life. 

It’s not just you – gift shopping for men is notoriously difficult. Between “don’t spend your hard earned money!” from well-meaning dads and uncles, to “I don’t know, I don’t need anything” from significant others and guy friends, I often find myself resorting to exceedingly practical gifts, instead of spoiling the wonderful men in my life with something special. 

Instead of giving your dad funky socks for the third year in a row because he mentioned his fondness for them once, in passing (oops) or giving your significant other an electric toothbrush (oops, again), here are some gifts that are sure to impress!

Ride The Minibus

The ultimate drinking game for the Hong Kong kids - Ride The Minibus is the perfect gift for the drinkers out there who just need an “excuse” to take a sip, or down your drink. With 8 categories of 150 cards, you’ll be playing this game into the new year! 

Fok Hing Gin

A gift for gin lovers, or just for the sh*ts and giggles because how can you not laugh every time you read their name out loud? Taken from the mutual tea-drinking culture between the Brits and Chinese, Jasmine green tea is the gift in their gin. Though distilled in the UK, the brand sources their ingredients from the steps of Sheung Wan, adding a flavour of culture steeped into their award-winning, FOK HING GIN.


What better way to appreciate Hong Kong’s beauty than by getting him a pair of Haishangs that he can wear in the Haishang (海上)? At Haishang, they want to raise awareness on plastic waste and the impact it has on our seas. So what they did was went and made their swim shorts from recycled plastic bottles?! This gift not only saves the environment, literally, it saves you from all the pier-pressure of what to get him! 


Grow Something

Whether your man has a green thumb or not, Grow Something makes growing your own food possible! The benefit of growing something naturally and organically not only lightens one’s carbon footprint, it is a very satisfying gift once they start to sprout and grow up! (I meant the veggies of course). 

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Nosh Creates 

What do you get when you cross a funky illustrator and a shop? NOSH Creates! This one-stop-shop has you covered in the tees, hoodies, caps, prints for home, and phone cases department - so take your pick!

Milk Shirts 

Behind every superman is a crisp, perfectly tailored shirt. Made by the best tailors with the best fabrics, Milk Shirts elevate garments from casual to formal, dressed to impress, and ready for any occasion! He will sew be your kryptonite!

By: Vivian Fong & Constance Lowcock

Being born and raised in Hong Kong, Constance wishes to rediscover her home in a different light; by being immersed in the local happenings, exploring and experiencing new things and places, and expressing them through creative channels such as in her writing and art.

Vivian is currently a university student in her last year studying holistic health and wellness. Besides her passions in yoga, nutrition and all things health and wellness related, she loves social media, blogging and writing because of the creativity, inspiration and connection it brings.